Generator Rental - MQ Power Whisperwatt 70KVA

Generator Rental - MQ Power Whisperwatt 70KVA
Generator Rental - MQ Power Whisperwatt 70KVA price $159.99/day

Generator Rental - MQ Power Whisperwatt 70KVA Description:

This MQ Power Whisperwatt 70KVA generator has the power to run most whole houses. It is also a perfect fit in many industrial settings. When operating in three phase power this generator is capable of delivering 56KW of power. When operating in single phase power (like most houses have) it is capable of putting up 40KW of power. During times such as the aftermath of hurricanes this generator can literally save your whole house from molding over. One of the most important things to do after a hurricane is to restore power as quickly as possible. If power is not restore your house has no way to expell moisture. This creates the perfect atmospher for mold to start growing. Having a generator to keep the power on at your house can prevent a lot of damage.

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MQ Power Whisperwatt MQPOWER70KVA Technical Specs:
  • Model #: MQ Power DCA-70SSIU2
  • Fuel capacity: over 200 gallons
  • Fuel usage: 4.1gal/hr @ full load, 3.1 gal/hr @ 3/4 load, 2.2 gal/hr @ 1/2 load, 1.4 gal/hr @ 1.4 load
  • Fuel type: #2 Diesel
  • Engine output: 85hp / 1800rpm
  • Engine type: Isuzu BJ4JJ1X Tier 3
  • 3 phase power output: 56KW
  • Single phase power output: 40KW
  • Voltage output (3 phase): 240V or 480V
  • Voltage output (single phase): 240V or 120V
  • part number: MQPOWER70KVA
  • deposit required: $300.00
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  • hashtags: #whisperwatt #generator #generatorrental #mqpower #multiquip
MQ Power Whisperwatt MQPOWER70KVA FAQ:
  • What does it cost to rent the Whisperwatt 70KVA?
        The Whisperwatt 70KVA rents for $159.99/day plus a $300.00 deposit. The deposit will be returned to you within 14 days if the unit is brought back clean, undamaged, and all fuel levels (if applicable) are topped off.
  • May I purchase the Whisperwatt 70KVA outright?
        Sorry, the Whisperwatt 70KVA is not for sale at this time.
  • How old do I have to be to rent the Whisperwatt 70KVA?
        You must be 25 to rent the Whisperwatt 70KVA.
  • Do you have a product manual for the Whisperwatt 70KVA.?
        Yes, here is link to view/download the Whisperwatt 70KVA product manual.
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