Laser Transit Level Rental - Dewalt DW073

Laser Transit Level Rental - Dewalt DW073

Laser Transit Level Rental - Dewalt DW073
Laser Transit Level Rental - Dewalt DW073 price $60.00/day

Laser Transit Level Rental - Dewalt DW073 Description:

If you need to rent a transit laser level then we have a good one for you. This Dewalt model DW073 comes with an aluminum tripod to mount the level on. Whether you are hanging cabinets, building fences, monitoring landscape grading, or building a foundation for a house this laser transit level will certainly help you out. Save money and time by renting our laser transit level instead of running out and buying one of these expensive things. You may only use it one time in your life so renting is better.

Category:  Tool Rentals

Dewalt LASERTRANSIT Technical Specs:
  • Power source: 18V rechargeable battery
  • Laser type: red rotary laser
  • Accuracy per 100ft: 1/4 inch
  • Indoor visibility range: 200ft
  • Laser rotation speed: 0-600 rpm
  • part number: LASERTRANSIT
  • deposit required: $100.00
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  • What does it cost to rent the Laser Transit?
        The Laser Transit rents for $60.00/day plus a $100.00 deposit. The deposit will be returned to you within 14 days if the unit is brought back clean, undamaged, and all fuel levels (if applicable) are topped off.
  • May I purchase the Laser Transit outright?
        At this time the Laser Transit can be purchased for $700.
  • How old do I have to be to rent the Laser Transit?
        You must be 18 to rent the Laser Transit.
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